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How Kitchen Remodeling Services Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season

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Our kitchen remodeling services can help you create a kitchen with the space and updated appliances you need for the holidays.

As fall and winter move in, many homeowners will start undertaking remodeling projects to spruce up their homes for the holiday season. Many fall and winter holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, feature plenty of time spent preparing and enjoying food with guests. If you feel that your current kitchen design cannot accommodate your cooking and hosting needs, it may be time to consider a remodel. Schedule your kitchen remodeling services with About Kitchens & More today to benefit from increased comfort and convenience during the holiday season. Consider implementing the following remodeling plans. 

Update Kitchen Walls and Flooring 

If you want a budget-friendly remodel with a huge impact, consider applying fresh paint or changing the wallpaper in your kitchen. Additionally, replacing laminate, hardwood, or tile flooring can be one way to makeover your entire kitchen with one upgrade. You might also consider updating your kitchen backsplash. This feature often acts as a focal point of the room, and a new design can freshen up an outdated interior style.

Install New Lighting Fixtures Set the Mood

You can swap out the lighting fixtures of your kitchen entirely to create a new kitchen design. You can add stylish new features or more practical additions to give your kitchen a fresh, modern look. When using kitchen remodeling services from About Kitchens, you can trust our team to provide you with the best guidance for selecting new lights and managing any necessary electrical work. 

Consider installing task and ambient lighting if you don’t have them. For example, under-the-cabinet lighting can help guests find what they need and see what they are chopping or mixing on the countertop. Installing dimmer switches can help you control the light and create different moods for different occasions. 

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances and Plumbing

Big holiday meals are often prepared by multiple people. If you haven’t entertained many family members or friends at your house, you may be surprised how small your kitchen is once it fills up. 

You may consider upgrading your appliances to make more room. You can invest in a double oven or a much larger fridge to accommodate food for holiday parties. A larger dishwasher and more efficient garbage disposal may also be welcome additions to your kitchen. 

Another feature many homeowners appreciate is a second sink. A prep sink in your kitchen island instantly creates a one-stop prep station for your food. 

Maximize Kitchen Storage and Seating

Other essential kitchen remodeling services involve making space for kitchen storage and seating for guests. These small but effective changes can greatly impact how comfortable and convenient your kitchen is. 

For extra storage, consider installing retractable garbage bins, pullout shelves, dividers, and lazy susans. You may also design a designated seating area in your kitchen. For example, a breakfast nook or barstools on one end of the island invites people to join in on the holiday food prep without getting in the way of those cooking and handling appliances.


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