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Cook Easier With These 7 Kitchen Design Upgrades

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Kitchen design upgrades like a double sink can improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s where many families gather at the end of a long day to spend time together. However, after many years of use, you might need some kitchen design upgrades. What are some of the fun ways that you can personalize your kitchen and make it even more functional for your family? 

Add a Double Sink

Do you get frustrated when your sink is full of dishes and you need to use it for something else? Are you an avid entertainer who regularly has to clean a bunch of dishes at the end of the night? A double sink will give you more space, making it much easier to use your kitchen comfortably. 

Easy Storage

When finding things in your kitchen is easy, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time cooking. Accessible storage is one of the most clever kitchen design upgrades because it is not just useful for your family; it will also be valuable if you ever put your home on the market. The team at About Kitchens & Baths can help guide you through a variety of solutions to your issues, including rolling kitchen cabinets or open-wall shelving. 

Pot Filler

Pot fillers are a very easy way to save time walking back and forth between the sink and the stove. Pot fillers are conveniently placed next to the stove, so it’s easy to fill up pots without carrying anything heavy or worrying about spilling things on the floor. 

Butcher Block

When it comes to high-value kitchen design upgrades, butcher block countertops are near the top of the list. These countertops differ from granite and other luxury options, as they are designed primarily with practicality in mind. 

Magnetic Knife Rack

Do you have knives you love to display just as much as you love using them? For one of the most gourmet kitchen design upgrades, you can install a magnetic knife rack that will keep them secure throughout the day and display them beautifully. 

Declutter the Kitchen

If you want kitchen design upgrades that don’t require you to spend a penny, try decluttering your kitchen. Clutter will make a room seem smaller, and it can distract from other design choices you’ve made.  

Have Fun

There are many fun ways to add pops of color and personality throughout your home, and the kitchen is no exception. From colored backsplashes to accent tiles, don’t be afraid to have fun!

Experience the Latest in Kitchen Design Upgrades

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