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Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

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Kitchen design trends for 2023 include natural elements, warm colors, and large kitchen islands.

The start of the new year is a great time to consider which home projects you want to undertake in the next 12 months. A kitchen remodel is one of the most effective ways to upgrade your home, as you use your kitchen multiple times a day and depend on this space being convenient and comfortable. The kitchen design trends popular with homeowners are constantly evolving. If you are looking for new ideas to spark your creativity this year, consider whether one of the latest kitchen design trends for 2023 may be right for what you want. Your kitchen designer at About Kitchens & More can help you devise the best way to implement your favorite style trends. 

Smart Technology

The use of smart technology in the kitchen will continue to increase as technology develops. The technology you can implement includes appliances connected to Wi-Fi and controllable by smartphone, voice-activated appliances, touchless faucets, and more. These devices often provide extra convenience and can often be more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. 

Slab Backsplashes 

Instead of traditional tile backsplashes, consider installing slab backsplashes. This kitchen design trend involves installing a backsplash made of one large piece of continuous material. The material and color can be matched to the countertops or used as a statement piece when you select a bold or contrasting design. Although you may find other options, granite, quartz, and marble are popular for slab backsplashes. In addition to the style they provide, these backsplashes are often easier to clean as you don’t have to worry about grout lines. 

Organic Design Elements

Organic kitchen design elements include natural stone countertops, organic and eco-friendly materials, wood cabinetry, and metal accents. This design trend can be seen in both large and small kitchen items. For example, you may use wood or glass bowls and storage instead of plastic items in addition to marble countertops or natural wood cabinets. 

Large Kitchen Islands Suitable for Dining

Many homeowners are seeing the appeal of larger kitchen islands that facilitate dining. As time goes on, different trends arise. Recently, more people have been interested in keeping their kitchen as the primary dining and socializing space rather than a separate dining room. This is a creative way to re-organize the room functions of your home. It may mean that you use the dining room space for different uses or solely for special occasions. 

Use Warm Colors

One of the other kitchen design trends for 2023 is the rise of warm colors. White will always be a popular choice for kitchens, but homeowners are increasingly drawn to warm tones and bold pops of color. The stark grays and whites of previous years are fading out, while warmer versions of those colors and similar natural-toned colors are becoming more appealing. 


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