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5 Tips for Choosing Your Best Bathroom Floors

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Consider these factors before selecting your best bathroom floors.

Installing new flooring in your bathroom enhances its aesthetics, ambiance, and functionality. Choosing the best bathroom floors is an element of great bathroom design. Has selecting the best bathroom floor been difficult? We understand why. There are so many options and decisions to make when remodeling your home. However, we’re here to help! Here are six tips for choosing your best bathroom floors. 

Pick a Waterproof Bathroom Floor

Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are exposed to the most moisture in a home. We suggest a waterproof option as you search for the best bathroom floors. Hardwood will warp and become damaged when exposed to water and humidity. Flooring such as waterproof vinyl is ideal because it’s warp-and-stain-resistant. You also want to research and see if the flooring types you’re interested in are suitable for bathrooms. 

Low-Maintenance Floors are the Best Bathroom Floors

In searching for ideal bathroom flooring, consider whether you will have a tough time cleaning this material. Tile flooring is beautiful in any bathroom. However, you’ll have to pay special attention to grout lines to keep a tile floor clean. If care and cleaning worry you, pick a material that you can wipe clean easily. 

Vinyl flooring is suitable for bathrooms because it’s waterproof, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep it beautiful. We also suggest you pick a material that won’t discolor when cleaning it. 

Pick a Floor That Is Easy to Install

Even when working with a professional installer, you want to find bathroom floors that aren’t too labor-intensive to install. While vinyl is waterproof and aesthetically pleasing, it’s also time-consuming to install. So, you will have to weigh your options here. 

Vinyl planks and click-lock flooring won’t take much time to lay down. However, you must also factor in if your existing floor needs removal. A bathroom remodeling expert will measure your bathroom first to determine how much flooring you need and can give you a realistic timeline for how long the project will take. 

Highlight Your Unique Style

Ultimately, your bathroom should show off your unique style. The same goes for your bathroom flooring. 

Custom tile is an excellent choice if you love unique designs. On the other hand, textured vinyl has a wood grain that mimics natural materials and looks authentic. Wood-look laminate flooring or vinyl gives your bathroom the beauty of hardwood without damage or maintenance. 

The beauty of partnering with a bathroom remodeling company such as About Kitchens & Baths is that we have a showroom. You’ll be able to see your options up close and personal to see what you can envision in your bathroom. 

Think About Resale Value

Are you remodeling your bathroom because you want to sell your home within the next year or so? If so, it’s best to pick the best bathroom floors that will attract prospective home buyers. A material such as vinyl is highly functional and excellent for households with a lot of traffic. 

Porcelain, stone, or ceramic tile tends to have high resale values. A young couple or a person living alone without children might love the luxurious look of stone tile flooring, while families with children will need durable vinyl or laminate. 


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