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Family Bathroom Design: Easy-to-Clean Materials

about kitchens and more family bathroom design easy to clean

An easy-to-clean family bathroom design may include undermount sinks, simple cabinets, and few metal accessories.

If you want to design the best family bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind easy-to-clean materials. When you have young children to care for, it can be hard to find the time to deep clean your bathroom or maintain high-maintenance materials. By installing materials that are easy to clean, you can create a beautiful and appealing family bathroom design without adding more chores to your to-do list. When you design your bathroom with About Kitchens and More, consider your selections for the tile, cabinetry, countertops, shower door, and wall materials.

Bathroom Tile 

Your family bathroom design starts with the floors. You will want to consider large format tiles, such as 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 sizes. This minimizes your grout joints, so you reduce the chance of building up dirt in the grout. When your tiles are installed, you may also select a grout that is mildew resistant and has other resistant properties built in. 

Bathroom Cabinetry 

You don’t want to create a bunch of nooks and crannies in your bathroom, which create more dusty corners for you to clean. The best cabinetry selection for an easy-to-clean bathroom is something simple. Opt for a flat slab door with a nice piece of hardware so your cabinet doors can easily be wiped down and cleaned. 

Bathroom Countertops

Natural stone will always be harder to take care of than quartz products. Fortunately, quartz countertops often have lengthy warranties, are easy to clean, and don’t stain. You can create a gorgeous vanity with highly versatile quartz countertops. You should also install your sink under the counter rather than on top, so you don’t create extra crevices where dirt and mold can form. An undermount sink makes it much easier to wipe the dirt on the counter into the sink.

Shower Door

When selecting the shower door for your family bathroom design, go with a frameless shower door that has a minimal amount of metal. The metal can collect a lot of dirt and make cleaning difficult. While your door will have more glass, having more glass than metal is preferable because glass is much easier to wipe down and clean. 

Bathroom Walls

If you are worried about mess on the walls, which can happen when you have young kids splashing water around the bathroom, we suggest using eggshell paint. This is a washable, flat paint and can be wiped down easily. Eggshell paint also looks better in bathrooms than semi-gloss or high-gloss paint’s glossy, shiny finish.

By selecting these easy-to-clean materials over more complex options, you can create a family bathroom design that looks great but doesn’t require extensive maintenance every week. 


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