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Choosing Kitchen Hardware Doesn’t Have to be ‘Hard’

Kitchen Hardware About Kitchens and Baths

Even the small touches, such as kitchen hardware, can make a significant difference regarding remodeling.

Even the small touches, such as kitchen hardware, can make a significant difference regarding remodeling. When homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen, they tend to focus on more noticeable aspects such as the kitchen island, the cabinetry, and flooring, as they should. However, focusing on multiple factors of kitchen remodeling creates a cohesive and harmonious kitchen. So, when it’s time to choose kitchen hardware, it doesn’t have to be “hard” if you follow this guide. 

Kitchen Hardware Should Have Style and Functionality 

Your kitchen hardware should match your kitchen style. For example, if you have a rustic kitchen, you may want to go for hardware that appears warmer with natural finishes. You also want to test drive the hardware that you’re considering. It would be best if you pulled on the knobs to gauge how it fits inside the palm of your hand. Ask yourself: Is this the right shape and size for me? 

You can also mix and match the hardware to break up the monotony. What homeowners often do is use pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors, and vice versa can work as well. It would be best to pick one pull style, choose a complementary knob style, and ensure a consistent finish throughout the kitchen. There is also nothing wrong with making things simple by picking one type of hardware for a minimalistic approach to remodeling. 

Consider the Size and Position of The Kitchen hardware

If you have kitchen cabinets with oversized doors, your hardware should fill the void. Smaller hardware makes sense for tinier cabinets and vice versa. Some drawers, depending on how large they are, may require more than one pull. If you have a contemporary kitchen, you may want to consider placing the pulls on the cabinet doors horizontally if you want a sleeker look. Regardless of your kitchen style, it would be best to consider how you want your cabinets to function before a remodeler attaches them permanently. 

Choosing Materials and Finishes

Most kitchen hardware comes in metal alloys. Brass hardware, for example, usually has a lacquer or plating that makes it durable. It’s also antimicrobial, which means that it reduces the spread of germs. Bronze is antimicrobial as well and pairs well with cabinets made with thicker woods. Stainless steel is durable as well and low-maintenance regarding cleaning. Pewter and nickel are choices that homeowners value as well. 

Finally, after choosing the type, size, style, and material, the finish is the last step. Kitchen hardware comes in many finishes, such as an antique finish, perfect for a rustic kitchen. You could also go for highly polished hardware, which would look excellent in a contemporary kitchen. Pewter and brass work well in a transitional kitchen, while a black finish on a lightly-colored kitchen cabinet is ideal for a transitional kitchen. 

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