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Entertainment Center Design Ideas for the New Year

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While interior design trends are always changing with the tides, a well-planned entertainment center design never goes out of style.

While interior design trends are always changing with the tides, a well-planned entertainment center design never goes out of style. About Kitchens and Baths can professionally design your entertainment center to make it the toast of your home with a custom built-in nook, beautiful pocket doors, and swivel features that the whole family will love. If you’re looking for a home upgrade that doesn’t break the bank for the new year, you’ll want to consider these top entertainment center design ideas that About Kitchens and Baths can customize for your home. This can help make your family room feel complete and maximize your enjoyment when you’re relaxing at home! 

Spruce Up Your Entertainment Center with a Custom Built-In Nook

Have you ever wanted to have your built-in nook that houses all of your video games, DVDs, game systems, books, and other miscellaneous odds and ends? If so, you’ve probably needed a built-in for your family room for a long time! A built-in unit can house your television set and small parts that keep your family entertained. Your built-in is built to your exact specifications, fits into your living space how you want it to, and can be built with your desired materials in mind. Not into all-white cabinetry that’s all the rage and found in furniture stores everywhere? You need a custom built-in nook for your entertainment center built through our design services!

What’s Not to Love About Pocket Doors?

No entertainment center is complete without pocket doors. Pocket door systems can help save space, amplify your storage, and hide unruly cabinet doors into hidden pockets located either above or on the side of your entertainment center after opening each cabinet. This can help eliminate unsightly cabinets that you want to keep open (for example, the cabinet doors that are on your TV!) but that you also might want to close every now and then. 

Showcase or Hide Your Flat Screen TV

Do you want to build your entertainment center to showcase or hide your flat-screen TV? About Kitchens and Baths can expertly build your custom entertainment center to make your 65” TV the star of the room, or we can work with you to swivel your flat-screen TV and get it hidden from view when you don’t want to see it anymore. Have in-laws coming over for dinner and you need to hide your new TV? About Kitchens and Baths can take care of that with our swivel features! Contact us today for a consultation to build out a custom entertainment center. 


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