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Remodeling Ideas for Your Home Office to Refresh Your Workspace

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If you’re like many employees who have spent somewhere around the last two years in a solely remote work environment, it’s probably time to invest in a remodel of your home office!

If you’re like many employees who have spent somewhere around the last two years in a solely remote work environment, it’s probably time to invest in a remodel of your home office! With many companies determining that hybrid and remote work is here to stay, it’s a good time to upgrade your tiny desk and little office nook into the perfect remote workspace. About Kitchens and Baths can help design your home office to ensure a cohesive flow of your space, a better work-life balance, and a more professional environment to get your job done… Even if you’re still in your pajamas all day long!

Our team provides expert home office renovation services and construction of features that can make it easier to work. Filing credenza, anyone? 

Remodeling Ideas for Your Home Office: New Paint Colors and Lighting 

Paint can make a huge difference in a home office space, even if you’re just wanting to add a fresh accent wall. If you’ve got limited natural lighting within your home office, choosing light paint colors can help your home office feel like a bigger space. Additionally, About Kitchens and Baths can professionally install numerous styles of lighting to help “open up” your office space and make it feel like a bigger office space for you. One of the best reasons to consider your lighting within your office space? Good lighting can assist with reducing headaches and eye fatigue! This is especially important for workers that spend the majority of their workday hunched over a computer, staring at computer screens. 

Install a Coffee or Tea Station

An innovative trend that we’ve seen requested for homeowner’s at-home office spaces is a coffee or tea station, which is similar to a dry bar station without a sink. Homeowners can professionally install a coffee or tea station made from their choice of materials, like a nook inside of wall-to-wall shelving or a custom-built coffee and tea station nook that perfectly fits in your desired space. Adding a coffee or tea station is a great way to unwind in your at-home office or to get caffeinated right before starting a big project! 

Double Office Spaces for Families

Did you know that you can even remodel your current office space to be a double office space for your significant other? If you have a spouse who is also working from home, consider remodeling your office to feature a double office space. This can be completed by adding a wall to divide the two spaces or an open office space where you work alongside one another. At About Kitchens and Baths, we can work with you to professionally remodel your at-home office space to get you the perfect workspace for productivity! Contact us today!


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