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Should You Install a Wet Bar or Dry Bar?

wet bar about kitchen and baths

About Kitchens and Baths can professionally install wet bar or dry bar features into your home to make you the toast of your neighborhood.

About Kitchens and Baths can professionally install wet bar or dry bar features into your home to make you the toast of your neighborhood. If you’ve found yourself frequently hosting get-togethers and happy hours, it’s about time you considered investing in a wet bar for your home. A wet bar can be a huge upgrade to your entertaining space, especially if you’re looking to host your guests for a cocktail or two.  A wet bar is more than just an in-home bar and differs from a dry bar. So how can you decide whether you should have a wet bar or dry bar installed when you don’t know the difference between the two? Read on to find out everything you need to know about wet bar and dry bar installations.

Wet Bar or Dry Bar: What’s the Difference?

A wet bar and a dry bar inside of a home serve the same purpose: to entertain your guests in an area with a built-in bar. There’s usually cabinetry to store glasses, floating shelves, ice makers, and other miscellaneous features that can make it easier to quickly serve up cocktails to your guests. However, there’s one distinct difference between a wet bar and a dry bar that sets the two rooms apart. A wet bar is “wet” because it contains a sink with running water, while a dry bar doesn’t have any plumbing features surrounding the bar area.

Perks of Wet Bar Features

What’s not to like about a wet bar in your own house? Adding a wet bar to your home can increase your happy hours, make it easier to grab a drink, and host your guests comfortably in an entertaining space. Some of the biggest perks of a wet bar installation include being able to use your sink and faucet to conveniently wash out any drinkware in a bar area, clean out blenders for margaritas, and keep the party moving in your entertaining space without having to host out of your kitchen. 

Unique Wet Bar Features You Should Consider

Adding a wet bar to your home can increase the character of your house and make it the hit of the neighborhood. About Kitchens and Baths can incorporate unique wet bar features and design services into your wet bar installation that include wine bar storage, glass cabinetry, under-counter ice makers, and many more. We can work with your space in mind to build out your wet bar to be as expansive or compact as you desire. Contact us today for a consultation!


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