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How to Create a Charming Retro Kitchen Design

about kitchens and baths retro kitchen design

Adding pastel cabinets can help you create a retro kitchen design you adore.

If you want to create a home kitchen that suits your “forever home,” you want to create a space that shows off your personal taste. You will interact with this space daily, so it should reflect who you are and how you want your home to make you feel. If you adore the retro kitchen design, there are many ways you can keep this style while using new materials. Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or just a few focal areas, consider how you can create the charming retro kitchen design of your dreams with About Kitchens & More. 

Statement Lighting

Pendant lights and chandeliers are always striking kitchen design elements and can be used as statement pieces. You don’t have to scour garage sales and flea markets to find retro lighting fixtures. You can compile some photos of the style you are looking for and consult with your kitchen designer to find modern light fixtures designed with a retro charm in mind.

Retro Backsplashes

Color is a crucial part of the retro kitchen design. You can use your backsplash as a way to incorporate “groovy” colors that influence the rest of your kitchen design. If you have neutral colors throughout your kitchen, you can use the backsplash as a space to get a little bolder. Using small details, like a funky pattern or vibrant color, for your backsplash can help the place pop and have some retro charm. Plus, you don’t have to change much else in your kitchen for this backsplash to make an impact. 

Furniture and Decor

The details of a room are what tie the design together. A vintage dining set or red diner-style bar stools can add charm and character to your dining areas. You can also find classic glass jars to hold items in your glass-front cabinets or open shelves. Add some vintage signage for extra charm. There are also many companies that create basic appliances like tea kettles, toasters, coffee makers, and more with a vintage appeal. 

A Few Things to Remember

You can do many things to create a charming retro kitchen design, but a few general tips may help you find your favorite design. For example, consider these ideas: 

  • The 24-hour “diner” look 
  • Checkers, stripes, and polka dots can be fun!
  • Red, red, red – and black and white 
  • Pastel cabinets or appliances
  • Open shelving

These may not work in the same kitchen design, but each idea is a good jumping-off point for your new retro kitchen. Ultimately, choose items and ensign styles that represent your personality but are also functional for your kitchen activities. 


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