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Is A Pedestal Sink Right For Your Bathroom?

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Is a pedestal sink right for your bathroom? Learn more about this sink style.

Bathroom updates are still one of the most popular home remodeling projects out there (matched only by kitchen remodels). Whether trying to make your home more comfortable and livable for yourself or preparing to put it on the market, redoing your bathroom is a terrific choice. As you’re working on your bathroom remodeling project, you’re going to find that you have a ton of choices to make, large and small. Every decision you make matters, from whether you’re replacing the tub completely with a walk-in shower to how to decorate and accessorize with towels. There is one choice that you may not have considered: pedestal sinks. If you’re worried that pedestal sinks are a little out of fashion, remember that trends come and go and come back again. Let’s explore the benefits of a pedestal sink and why you might want to add one to your new bathroom remodel.

Pedestal Sink Basics

Pedestal sinks are a style of sink where the basin (the part the water runs into) sits atop a slim pedestal. These typically come as two separate parts, and the basin is attached to both the pedestal (which supports some of the weight) and to the wall (which supports the rest of the weight). Pedestal sinks have a small footprint, allowing you to place them in tiny spaces. They don’t have a lot of counter space or storage, however. In most cases, the pedestal part also conceals the piping, but not always completely. 

Best Bathroom Styles For Pedestal Sinks

Bathrooms that have very limited space, like half-baths or powder rooms, are ideal for pedestal sinks. Their compact nature means that you don’t crowd people out but still get the essential functionality of the sink. Bathrooms striving for an early 20th-century vibe (without resorting to older fixtures) or an overall airy and open feel could also benefit from a pedestal sink.

Comparing Pedestal Sinks To Cabinet Vanities

Both pedestal sinks and vanity cabinets are useful but for different reasons. Whereas the vanity provides ample storage and countertop space, it takes up much of the bathroom flooring space and is bulky to transport home from the store. Before deciding that a pedestal sink is right for you, consider how you use the sink in your bathroom – applying makeup and shaving usually requires surface space, while simply washing your hands does not.


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