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Kitchen Cabinets: Lighter or Darker?

Kitchen Cabinets: Lighter or Darker?
Here are some ways to update your kitchen cabinets by using contrasting colors.

Take a look around your kitchen and think about the changes you would like to make. Maybe your floors, walls, and surfaces are all elegant and beautiful, but your kitchen cabinets still need some work. Here are some ways to update your kitchen cabinets by using contrasting colors.

Darker Kitchen Cabinets 

Make a classy statement by choosing darker kitchen cabinets. Whether it is a full black palette or a deep brown, almost coffee-like brown, both of these shades can make a big difference. If your kitchen feels small, darker cabinets can help it feel less cramped. Pair these cabinets with lighter counters. Not only is this combination visually appealing, but you can also help brighten up the room. 

Don’t forget about your backsplashes, either. The backsplashes serve an important purpose by preventing spills and stains forming in various parts of your kitchen. But you can also use them to draw the eye with the right mix of contrasting colors. 

And the floors matter, too. Whether you choose lighter colored stone or even another option such as bamboo, you can impress your visitors while making your floors more vibrant, easier to spot stains and crumbs, and make it easier to clean.

Lighter Kitchen Cabinets

One aspect of darker kitchen cabinets is that they help the kitchen seem more dramatic. But your kitchen should also be light and airy, and lighter kitchen cabinets can help make that happen. 

Bring in an island with darker tones to it. By doing this, you can make your lighter cabinets stand out even more. 

Do you need a butcher block? Choose a darker wood textured with wood grain to add even more character to your new kitchen design. 

Last but not least, don’t overlook the hardware built into your kitchen cabinets. The handles and knobs can be redone to offer even more aesthetic improvements. 


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