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Laundry Room Design: 4 Things to Consider


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When considering a location in your home for your laundry room, it is important to factor in shelving and other storage space you will need for laundry.

Home renovation projects vary in terms of budget, focus, size, and scope, and determining whether or not a project is right for you takes a great deal of thinking and research. Unless the space has significant problems already, many homeowners don’t even consider renovating their laundry rooms. However, adding a laundry room design & install project to your agenda can have notable benefits. Should you renovate your laundry room? Consider these variables before embarking upon a laundry room renovation:

What are You Willing to Spend for Laundry Room Design & Install Services?

Setting an estimated budget is a great first step for any home renovation. Once you know how much you are willing and able to spend, you can begin to flesh out your plans and determine what degree of remodeling (if anything) is feasible. Of course, if your concerns are related to plumbing or structural issues rather than simple cosmetic matters, you may find that you are willing to spend a bit more on your project.

Is Your Laundry Room Isolated or Integrated with the Rest of Your Home?

The location of this room can have an impact on the priority of your laundry room design & install project. Laundry rooms that are easily accessible or located in busy areas of the house may be more of an eyesore than outdated spaces that are more removed from your daily life.  For example; if located next to a busy kitchen, this room may present a greater need for remodeling than laundry rooms attached to isolated garages or basements.   

Does Your Laundry Room Serve Multiple Purposes?

These rooms often pull double duty, especially when they are large or located in high-traffic areas. When debating the feasibility and merits of a laundry room renovation, consider the potential for increased functionality. You may use the renovated space for additional storage by adding built-in shelving or an extra refrigerator, or you may decide to add a mini workstation to create a laundry room/home office. The possibilities are endless when designing this particular room in your home, and the potential new uses for your space should be a factor when deciding whether or not to remodel.

Are You Going to Sell Your Home in the Near Future?

A new laundry room can add value by improving your daily life, but it can also help if you plan on selling your home. A well-finished space can be more attractive to potential buyers, and giving less-than-stellar areas of your home a facelift can give your property some much-needed curb appeal.                  


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