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Modern Kitchen Trends: The Breakfast Station

about kitchens and baths breakfast station

Learn more about the appeal of a new breakfast station in your kitchen.

A breakfast station, sometimes called a breakfast pantry, is a modern kitchen design trend. This space is created to provide you with all you need for the first meal of the day. It’s often located away from the primary cooking area of a kitchen and includes a combination of a cupboard, larder, and areas for making tea and coffee. There’s space for small appliances like toasters and espresso machines, so you have everything you need within reach. Why should you consider installing a breakfast station with About Kitchens & More remodelers? This modern kitchen trend has numerous benefits to offer. 

Concealed and Convenient 

A breakfast station is an excellent way to keep everything for breakfast organized in one place. This can be an excellent tool for a busy family who needs to prepare for work and school at the same time. The station is also a clean and neat addition to any kitchen. It’s typically concealed behind doors, such as pocket, bi-fold, or standard cupboard doors. You open the doors up to see what you need, prepare your drinks or food, and then close the cupboard for the rest of the day. 

Fully Customizable 

Every breakfast station is fully customizable. You can create a station that suits your lifestyle perfectly. A typical station can include space for making hot drinks, a toaster, cereal containers, crockery, and other breakfast items like jam, honey, or butter. 

The Usefulness of Designated Breakfast Areas

Installing a breakfast station located away from your kitchen’s main prep and cooking area means that family members can make breakfast or a hot drink without getting in the way of activity in the main kitchen. This can make mornings a little more convenient, as certain items are located in one area instead of throughout the kitchen. 

What Should You Consider for Your Breakfast Station Design?

If space allows, including a work surface within your breakfast cupboard is always best. This will provide you with space to pour out your cereal, butter toast, or pour drinks without having to access other areas in the kitchen. 

If your kitchen is spacious enough, you may be able to install a built-in prep sink with a hot water tap that provides you with the hot water you need for coffee or tea without the use of a kettle or stovetop. 

It’s also worth considering which breakfast items you want to store in your breakfast station. Items that can be packaged in jars, bottles, and cans can be stored inside the cupboard doors. Consider the weight and height of what you want to store, however. For example, a spice rack design won’t be enough to hold up cereal containers. Lighter racks or baskets are ideal for cereal and bread, while sturdy oak shelving is best for heavier jars and tins. 


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