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7 Shower Designs to Inspire Your Bathroom Renovation

about kitchens and baths shower designs

Explore different shower designs, including ones with bold splashes of color.

When designing your shower, you will want to consider what colors and tile patterns to use. The design options can feel endless, making it difficult to determine which style you like best. To help inspire your next bathroom renovation, we have listed a few shower designs to get you started. These shower tile designs are just the beginning of what’s possible – you can create the beautiful shower of your dreams when you trust About Kitchens and Baths with your renovation. 

Traditional Square Tiles

If you want to avoid complicated patterns, opt for simple square tiles. Selecting tiles with natural color variation adds visual interest while keeping the space serene. Select a color that stands out from your floor tiling and the rest of your bathroom for a subtle but beautiful impact. 

Color Blocking

Why choose one color when you can select two, three, or four? Using more than one shower tile color can pack a punch, even when the tiles are neutral. Using different but similar colors and different-sized tiles (squares and rectangles) can create a dynamic design. By keeping colors neutral, you can keep shower designs subtle, serene, and sophisticated. 

Use Contrasting Grout

If you want to boost the look of your classic white tile, use a darker grout to make the tiles pop. This creates a high-contrast, grid-like pattern that makes a more significant impression than traditional light grout. 

Use Large Shower Tiles

The size of your shower tiles also influences your shower design. Large tiles can make your shower feel sleek, modern, and simple in the best way. Plus, these tiles never go out of style. 

Use Different Tiles on Each Surface

Your walls and floors do not have to be the same. Some shower designs feature multiple tile styles, including different colors and patterns on each side wall and floor. Typically, only one wall will feature a bold color while the others stay neutral. The subtle patterns create a dynamic and original design, while the bold color pops to draw the eye toward the shower. 

Have Fun with Colors

Small bathroom spaces can benefit from bold choices, which means you can have fun with colors. Consider adding a strong, bold color to your shower design. You might even use colored grout for a unique visual effect! This blog’s photo shows a shower design with bold blue walls, the only bold color incorporated throughout a neutral, serene bathroom color scheme. 

Make the Shower Niche Pop

Great design involves making utilitarian items shine. For example, you can create original designs for your shower niche. This space in your shower wall is used for practical purposes, largely housing soap, shampoo, and other bathroom accessories. You can help it stand out with style by using contrasting tiles to those of your shower walls. You may also use the same tile used in the floor in the niche to tie the space together. 


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