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Planning a Kitchen Remodel with the Triangle Concept in Mind

about kitchens and baths triangle concept

A kitchen with a triangle concept cleverly places the fridge, sink, and oven.

As you set out to remodel your kitchen, you may have many ideas about design elements and concepts that you want to implement. It’s easy to get bogged down in the potential for your new space or lose yourself in the finer stylistic details, all the while overlooking key concepts that make kitchens work well. It’s useful to have a big-picture concept in mind that can serve as the foundation for your new kitchen remodeling project. This helps you tie the smaller elements into the overarching theme of the remodel. And one concept that has served this purpose for decades has been the triangle concept. By applying the triangle concept to your remodeling design, you can create a space that is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

The Basic Idea Behind the Triangle

The triangle concept is a foundational design element that helps to promote workflow in the kitchen. By placing key services in defined areas, the person cooking should be able to access these services much more easily. The distance between these key services shouldn’t be too far away, but they also shouldn’t be too close, either. These points are placed in a triangle format and should be unimpeded – meaning the cook can access each point without another element in the way.

The Three Points

The three points of the triangle are as follows:

  • Kitchen Sink: typically located on the perimeter of the kitchen, although sometimes it can be found on a kitchen island. Space should also be reserved on either side of the sink to allow for food preparation, as well as to store dishes before washing.
  • The Stove/Oven: the triangle concept assumes that the stove and oven will be combined into one workstation. However, this can still be achieved with a separate unit, provided that the stove and oven are located close to each other.
  • Refrigerator: usually considered the most malleable part of the triangle because the cook will usually spend most of their time taking items out of the fridge and moving them to other workstations. So if a design needs to be modified and one point of the triangle needs to be further away from the others, the refrigerator is usually the odd one out.


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