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4 Essential Elements of a Bathroom Remodel

4 Essential Elements of a Bathroom Remodel
Your new bathroom can be so much more than a room where you care for your personal hygiene.

Your new bathroom can be so much more than a room where you care for your personal hygiene. Whether you want to keep it simple or create the mood of your favorite spa, you have many options to choose from to create your new space.


In a lot of bathrooms, the tub is the main focal point. This makes a lot of sense, considering It’s one of the largest design elements in the room. Whether you want something more plain, or to make a statement, here’s how to pick out your bathtub:

  • If you tend to prefer more traditional or vintage design elements, you may want to consider a claw-foot tub.  
  • If your tastes run a bit more contemporary, consider placing an extra-deep soaking tub beneath a window. 
  • For a true in-home spa experience, consider a tub with room enough for two, or a jetted tub. 


The bath tub might be the most important, but the shower is a close second. Shower design considerations include:

  • How much space is available? Combining the tub and shower can save a lot of space. 
  • How do you want it to be enclosed? Choose a framed or frameless door, or you can opt for a shower curtain. 
  • What sort of shower head do you want? There are many, many options to choose from here: wall-mounted, steam, rainfall, dual shower heads, and more. 


Have some fun and unleash your creativity when choosing the flooring for your bathroom. There are some flooring choices that will provide more safety, make sure you strike a proper balance of form and function.

  • Traditional ceramic tile is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It can also be used to add in those special custom details that will make your bathroom unique. 
  • If you have a smaller space, consider laying down the same tile that is on the rest of the bathroom floor in the shower. This will create a more uniform look and make a small space feel bigger. It also looks quite nice. 
  • Textured tile, such as stone or slate, would add a touch of the dramatic and help to prevent slipping when the floor is wet.  


The countertops and backsplash of your bathroom can really tie the space together. 

  • Light colors will help the space feel bright and clean, and can even help it feel larger. 
  • Darker colors add romance and elegance to the space

If you’ve got the space and you’ll be sharing your new bathroom, consider adding “his and hers” sinks. A second sink can save you both some time when getting ready!


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