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5 Custom Bathroom Vanity Features to Consider

Custom Bathroom Vanity About Kitchens and Baths

Today, we will look at five custom bathroom vanity features that you should consider mapping out before investing in bathroom remodeling

Today, we will look at five custom bathroom vanity features that you should consider mapping out before investing in bathroom remodeling. Custom bathroom remodeling has been growing in popularity for a while now, making a lot of sense. It’s safe to say that homeowners don’t like the idea of moving out of their homes. It’s more cost-effective for a homeowner to invest in home improvement projects versus finding another home with all the desired features. Here are five custom bathroom vanity features to consider. 

Consider the Layout of Your Custom Bathroom Vanity 

Size and layout are the most significant factors. The vanity’s size should be proportional to your bathroom as not to underwhelm or overwhelm the space. The vanity’s shape and size also determine how much space you will have to move around in your bathroom. Choose wisely. 


Some homeowners are minimalistic and don’t believe in having toiletries sitting on top of their bathroom countertop. We encourage you to ask yourself: How much space will I need to stay as organized as I want? Built-in cabinets are ideal for having ample storage space. Freestanding vanities work well regarding minimalism. 

Materials and Maintenance 

The material that you choose for your custom bathroom vanity should, of course, be pleasing to the eye. However, consider maintenance. Marble vanities require much upkeep, but they’re stunning and can be more than worth it. Granite requires minimal care, but you don’t have to miss out on elegance when choosing this surface type. Wooden materials are warm and ideal for a rustic approach but consider the potential water damage. 

The Sink(s)

Ask yourself if you want one sink or two in your bathroom. Your bathroom’s size and who lives in your home will determine this decision. Do you and your mate own a master bathroom? Do you often occupy the bathroom at the same time? Double sinks may be ideal. However, we encourage you to think that double sinks reduce the amount of storage space on top. 

Consider How You’d Like to Illuminate Your Custom Bathroom Vanity. 

People use the bathroom to check and maintain their appearance. The bathroom is where people do their makeup, style their hair, and groom their beards. For this reason, a bathroom without proper lighting is a great disservice. Plus, the appropriate lighting can highlight your bathroom’s beautiful features in so many ways. 

Ask yourself if you want the lighting above the mirror. Maybe you’d appreciate built-in lighting options. You might prefer softer lighting in your bathroom or vibrant lighting. Some homeowners have the goal of placing more emphasis on their countertop drawers. Lights can take many forms, such as recessed, pendant, or track lighting. If you know your bathroom design vision and you’re ready to allow our professionals to transform your home, give us a call today. 


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