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Let’s Think: Should Master Bathrooms Have One or Two Sinks?

Double Sinks in Master Bathrooms About Kitchens and Baths

Double Sinks in Master Bathrooms Work if You Lead Busy Lives

Master bathrooms can include many upgrades. A common debate between couples is if there should be one or two sinks in the bathroom. Every home addition has its pros and cons. For example, when you add marble to your home, it is a stunning and classic upgrade. However, you cannot take maintenance lightly regarding marble countertops. Let’s think and see if master bathrooms should have one or two sinks. Double sinks are trendy, but are they always necessary? THAT is the million-dollar question. 

Double Sinks in Master Bathrooms Work if You Lead Busy Lives

Two sinks in a bathroom work well for the same reasons that homes benefit from multiple bathrooms. Homeownership can be expensive. Therefore, many couples are bringing home an income, meaning that they tend to lead busy lives. If you and your significant other or spouse work around the same time, it may benefit you to have double sinks and a shower-bath combo. 

Double Sinks in Master Bathrooms Allow You to Have Space

While you may not have to social distance in the realms of your home, having some space as you’re trying to get ready for work or take care of your nighttime routine can make a world of difference. Plus, bathroom organization is something to think about as well. Makeup and moisturizers can go on one side of the bathroom, while the shaving kit can go on another. Then, you may want to use open shelving for items that you both may want to reach quickly, such as Q-tips. 

The Drawbacks

As you can imagine, having two sinks can be costlier. Also, if your bathroom doesn’t have any square footage, two sinks can make a bathroom feel cramped and restricted. If you don’t have the bare minimum of 6 feet of room available or more than you already have to add another sink, two sinks probably aren’t the best idea. 

It’s Best to Hire a Custom Bathroom Remodeler if You Want Two Sinks 

Custom vanities offer many benefits. Our team can tailor them to you and your loved one’s specific wishes, if possible, given the amount of space. Freestanding pedestal sinks are trendy and can take up less room for a minimalistic approach. A single basin with two faucets is also another exciting approach to bathroom design. However, you have to consider how much counter space you want. You can inhale and exhale a deep sigh of relief, knowing that you don’t have to have it all figured out because we provide you with a team of design experts


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