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The Pros of Using Marble in Your Bathroom Design

Pros of Marble in a Bathroom Design

Marble in a Bathroom Design Will Brighten Up the Room

Today we will talk about using marble in a bathroom design. Within the design industry, sometimes marble gets a bad reputation for being a material that requires a lot of maintenance. Regardless of the materials that you utilize in your home, they all require maintenance and cleaning to keep them (and your home) as pristine as possible. You may not want to add a marble countertop installed if you have a busy, mess-prone kitchen, mainly due to your children. However, regarding bathroom design, marble has its advantages. Here are the pros. 

Marble in a Bathroom Design Will Brighten Up the Room

If you’re looking for a way to beautify your bathroom and ensure that it isn’t gloomy, adding marble to your bathroom can make a world of difference. In particular, marble’s shiny and smooth texture will add a lot of dimension to a smaller bathroom. 

Marble is Luxurious 

Everyone needs a little bit of luxury in their lives. You deserve to feel luxurious in your bathroom. After a long day, it’s the best feeling to unwind in a well-designed and beautiful bathroom. Long gone are the days where homeowners only see their bathrooms as merely a place to take care of hygienic practices. Your bathroom should be an oasis, and if it’s not, we can help. 

Marble is Water-Resistant

A bathroom has a lot of moisture, but fortunately, marble is water-resistant. With that in mind, marble is not waterproof. It would be best if you cleaned up the water and spills immediately. With marble, you also have to remember to seal it annually to keep it in its best condition. 

Colorful Options

White marble is timeless and classic. However, you should know that marble comes in various colors that can add some pizzazz to your bathroom design. It all depends on the manufacturer, but marble can come in black, green, gray, yellow, and rose. The color of marble or any natural stone depends on how much the stone oxidizes. 

The bottom line is that this elegant natural stone may not be for everyone. It takes preventative measures to keep marble looking magnificent. If you have a bathroom or powder room in the home that you don’t use often and isn’t prone to many liquid spills, then marble may be perfect for your bathroom design. 

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