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Questions That You Should Ask Your Custom Bathroom Remodeler

Custom Bathroom Remodeler About Kitchens & Baths

Ask Your Custom Bathroom Remodeler If You Can See Past Examples of Their Work

Congratulations! You’ve decided that you will hire a custom bathroom remodeler. It would be best if you asked as many questions as you desire. Bathroom remodeling is not an inexpensive investment. With that in mind, your complete satisfaction matters 100% to us. We believe in producing high-quality home remodeling projects that aren’t cookie-cutter. Once again, you should and can ask as many questions as you want before agreeing to a contract. However, if you don’t know where to begin, asking these core questions will help you gain clarity in the bathroom remodeling process. 

Ask Your Custom Bathroom Remodeler If You Can See Past Examples of Their Work

Now and then, we upload images to our Facebook site to ensure you have a complete picture of how stunning our designs are. Our website also shows you plenty of photos of past work. However, if you’d like to see more, ask us. The website and Facebook page are only a tiny part of all the bathrooms and homes we’ve remodeled. It would be best to read reviews for an unbiased account of what it was like partnering with us.

Ask Your Custom Bathroom Remodeler About the Scope of Your Project 

Not every bathroom remodeling company is the same. Also, not every bathroom remodeling company may have the materials you saw scrolling through Pinterest or watching HGTV. On our website, we list four specific bathroom styles. If what you’re looking for falls outside of those categories, let us know what you envisioned, and we’ll discuss if we can offer that. 

Ask About Licensing and Insurance

Every custom bathroom remodeler should be licensed and insured per state and local standards. Insurance will help protect you if any damage is done to the home or workers becomes hurt on site. 

Ask About Past Resolved Issues

Any company is only as excellent as its communication. Discuss if there have been any past remodeling issues and how our team resolved them. When you ask a commonly unasked question such as this, it will help you understand how much of a willingness we have to make things right until you are satisfied. Regarding problems, you should also ask (we’ll tell you regardless) if any obstacles prevent you from having the bathroom you want. We will work around any issues and find alternatives to ensure you can enjoy a high-quality bathroom. 


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