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How to Design a Kitchen Built for Entertaining Guests

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Incorporate these factors to design a kitchen ideal for hosting.

If your home has ever become the go-to entertaining space for holidays, then you’re familiar with the expectations you have of your kitchen during those times. The truth is, you need to design a kitchen around entertaining guests from the beginning to get the most out of it.

Kitchens that are made solely with your workflow in mind and offer limited counter space might be lean, mean cooking area machines, but they’re not good for having people coming in and out, mingling, grabbing a drink, or setting up a small bar area. Don’t worry, though; you can design a kitchen that will enable all of your guest entertainment dreams.

Consider Open Concepts

We tell just about everyone looking to design a kitchen to consider an open concept. It’s popular for a reason; it allows guests to wander through rooms freely and lets you get everyone’s attention at once. For families with younger kids, this also helps you keep an eye on them while you get necessary prep work or cooking done. 

In terms of entertaining, open concepts enable you to maintain conversations even while doing all the things a host needs to do. That way, you’re still part of the conversations even when you’re busy cutting up the turkey.

Add an Island

Bringing an island into your kitchen design offers a lot of utility. Not only does it give you more prep space to throw a cutting board when needed, but it’s also easily converted into a seating space, depending on how it’s designed. Sometimes, you just need a few barstools to open up a new world of possibilities. You can also use an island to house some of your less used but still important appliances, such as a wine fridge or warming drawer. 

Utilize a Beverage Station

For anyone serious about hosting guests, you want to include a beverage station. This small-but-mighty space gives your guests somewhere to serve themselves, regardless of what that may mean. Wine, coffee, tea, water, beer, cocktail ingredients—whatever you and your guests want. Small touches like an extra mini fridge or microwave can help take this space to the next level.

Install Thoughtful Storage

Part of being a good host is being present even when you’re responsible for several different entrees and ensuring everything comes out of the oven at the right time. That’s why it’s essential that you have reasonable storage solutions, too, so you know where everything is and can get to it without disturbing your guests.


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