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6 Ways to Design Functional Kitchen Corner Spaces

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Design kitchen corner spaces with open shelving or mounted devices to make this space more usable.

The corners of your kitchen might seem like dead space that cannot easily be used. However, with proper planning and strategy, you can easily create functional kitchen corner spaces that allow you to get the most out of every square inch. Here are six of our favorite ways to design functional, attractive kitchen corner spaces.

Choose Swinging Pull-Out Shelves

One way to make the most out of kitchen corner spaces is by using swinging pull-out shelves. These help you avoid the need to crawl inside your cabinet to reach what you’re searching for, and they also make it easier for those with mobility challenges to get what they need.

Use Open Shelving

Corner cabinets can quickly become awkward depending on the space you have to work with, and open shelving is one way to make the most of your kitchen corner spaces. Both open shelves and floating shelves are attractive solutions. 

Try to Avoid Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinets 

Blind corners are sometimes an inevitability, but if possible, eliminating them can make it much easier to make the most out of other kitchen corner spaces. Blind corners do not add more storage space to your kitchen, as they are challenging and cumbersome to access. 

Make Space to Sit

While adding more storage space to your kitchen can be tempting, sometimes the best choice is to do the opposite. Adding seating can help you make the most of kitchen corner spaces. 

Install a Counter Wall Cabinet

Corner cabinets are great opportunities to integrate appliances and other items that typically sit on the counter into your cabinets. Think about how much space mounting could save you! 

Use a Super Susan

Lazy Susans have come a long way and now include Super Susans. These tools do not have a pole at the center, making them much more versatile for various kitchen configurations. When using them in kitchen corner spaces, you should choose a design with a lip around the edge to keep items from falling out. 

Create the Right Custom Kitchen for You

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