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Design Your Perfect Kitchen Island: Consider These 4 Factors

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Design your perfect kitchen island by trying out these design tips.

The perfect kitchen island ought to be designed around your needs. With so many more people these days choosing to socialize at home, around the comfort of their own spaces, instead of out and about at restaurants, it’s no surprise that many people are prioritizing a perfect kitchen island to make their kitchen the go-to spot for hosting.

Traditionally, many people think of the utility of a kitchen island in a narrow way: it’s used for practical functions like food prep or additional cooking space. That’s certainly true, but the perfect kitchen island can also be used to eat a quick meal, catch up on some work, or host guests. Here’s what to consider.

The Shape of Your Island

The perfect kitchen island isn’t in some set, singular shape. You don’t have to go conventional to get the kitchen of your dreams. Instead, you want to design around what your needs are and what works best for the space.

For example, rounded kitchen islands are in high demand these days and are often better for entertaining guests. This is because the ergonomic benefits of curves feel more relaxed and softer, making it easier for everyone to pull up a stool or lean on. They can also be visually striking and leave an impression on anyone who sets foot in your kitchen.

Your Seating Options

Bar stool seating is some of the most common seating you’ll find at a kitchen island, running along one or two sides to create a cozy eating area. You can switch this style up by using built-in banquette seating, which looks more like a traditional kitchen table and can help make people more comfortable while still being in the middle of the action.

This also allows you to choose a nice upholstered material—make sure it’s easy to wipe down and is durable since it will be close to food prep areas. You also want to keep it far enough away from food prep areas when you design your island.

Space For Drinks

Since we’re talking about entertaining, you must think about adding some dedicated space for drinks. That could be a wine, beer, or even just a soda fridge to grab what you need quickly. This is also important for when you have guests over because it means people can help themselves to drinks without having to access the main fridge, which you might be using to whip up a meal for whoever is over.

Set the Mood With Lighting

You should make a statement when choosing lighting for your kitchen island. It’s meant to be precisely what its name suggests—an island. Drawing attention to it with spotlights or pendants will help make everything stand out and look great. Consider using an odd number of lights, which lends a natural look.

Create the Right Custom Kitchen for You

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