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7 Kinds of Bathroom Lighting to Consider

about kitchens and baths bathroom lighting

Explore the different kinds of bathroom lighting, including vanity lights and ceiling lighting.

Your bathroom is one of the most important nooks of your home. It’s a retreat where you can enjoy yourself, relax, and feel luxurious. If it’s going to be a place where you can escape, it’s also important that you cultivate the perfect atmosphere. The right bathroom lighting can go particularly far in helping create that oasis you’re looking for.

Here at About Kitchens & Baths, we’re familiar with the latest and greatest bathroom lighting options. We can work with you to find exactly what you need. When it comes to bathroom lighting, we tend to recommend seven unique styles that may or may not work for you, so let’s break those down.

Ceiling Lighting

The most common kind of bathroom lighting you’re bound to see in just about every bathroom is ceiling lighting. It’s the best option for covering the biggest area and is a very practical option. There are plenty of different routes you can go here, from sophisticated mini chandeliers to pendant lights that offer plenty of character. You could also consider flush-mounted lights, which help melt into almost every style.

Ceiling Lights with Fans

Beyond your traditional ceiling light options are ceiling fans with lights in them. If you’re concerned about stagnant air accumulating or your bathroom gets more moisture than it should, a ceiling fan can be a big bonus. Plus, that additional bit of breeze can be nice; however, remember that you’re going to need enough space for it to fit.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are meant to add a touch of ambient light into a space unless installed near a vanity, in which case they serve a more practical purpose. Their soft glow can help balance out task lighting, which results in a more relaxing atmosphere that is easy on the eyes. When looking for wall lighting, consider wall sconces, which help add life to dark corners.

Shower Lighting

Additional bathroom lighting in your shower can help you get awake and ready in the morning. It’s also an important safety feature, particularly for anyone older. Recessed lighting is a good pick here as it will stay out of the way and let you focus on getting your morning wrapped up promptly.

Accent Lighting

Looking for ways to complement your primary lighting? Consider accent lighting, which can help create the perfect mood. Use it to highlight parts of your architecture, a painting or to add more lighting around a mirror. You can also use it to address shadows for a picture-perfect lighting setup.

Vanity Lighting

The vanity is often considered the centerpiece of the bathroom. It’s where you take care of some of your most essential grooming tasks, like shaving, brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, or doing your hair. As a result, you want task lighting that can help you get all those little jobs done. LEDs are particularly good in this application.


Looking for natural light? A skylight is your best bet. Consider adding one right above your bath area, making it a space for total relaxation. 


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