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5 Kitchen Designs That Will Never Go Out of Style

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Several kitchen designs are made to last, such as modern and minimalist designs.

Kitchen design trends often change, as most trends do. However, certain kitchen designs will remain popular forever because of their timeless qualities. What makes these five designs so undeniably appealing? These designs have features that will always be essential for any kitchen. Consider which design is best for your home as you begin your kitchen remodeling journey with About Kitchens & More. 

Traditional Kitchen 

The classic or traditional kitchen design is the most popular because it never goes out of style. Paying attention to the details is the key to designing a successful classic kitchen. This style tends to use crown molding, archways, corbels, and wainscoting to add extra style to the “safe” cabinet and countertop choices. These kitchens used to primarily use natural wood cabinet finishes, but white and other colored cabinets are moving into this design. 

Modern Design 

Opposite the traditional kitchen designs, modern and contemporary kitchens feature clean, minimalist lines. The open, linear design style can be achieved by using simple elements and accessories that let the materials shine on their own. For example, cherry wood cabinets with solid black hardware can provide a simple yet elegant look. 

Craftsman Kitchen 

Craftsman kitchens are all about natural style. Imagine rich woods that highlight the natural look of cabinetry and custom features – such as nooks, open shelving, and wine racks – that add a personal touch to your kitchen. 

Farmhouse Kitchen 

Farmhouse kitchen designs are all about utilizing open space and natural light. Light, warm colors and soft honey neutrals work together with wide sinks and large islands to create an inviting and comfortable room. The farmhouse kitchen has much in common with traditional kitchens but has more country flair and down-home comfort. You may add this comfort by including features like large, shaded light fixtures, glass-paned cabinet doors, and farm-inspired decor. 

Rustic Design 

Rustic kitchen designs bring a noticeable personality to your home in a subtle, effective way. Vintage cabinets, darker colors, brushed metals, and distressed furniture can help you create a rustic, aged, and cozy environment. 

These five kitchen designs are the ones most typically used by homeowners, but they can often be used in unique combinations to create a style that suits your home and preferences perfectly. 


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