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7 Styles of Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Consider which bathroom vanity tops are best for your bathroom and sink design.

Your bathroom vanity might seem like it plays a small role in the overall look and feel of your bathroom, but it serves a critical functional purpose. Your vanity should have enough space for you to easily get ready in the morning, seamlessly coordinate with the rest of your bathroom, and be a perfect match for your sink. What are the seven most common styles of bathroom vanity tops? Read on to learn more! 

Sink-Integrated Vanity Tops

Sink-integrated bathroom vanity tops come with the sink basin already part of the vanity top. This simplifies the installation process, as you do not need to worry about purchasing a separate sink basin, and they also make sure that the basin is a perfect fit without modifications. Depending on which vanity top you purchase, it might be one unit with the same material used for the vanity top and the sink or two different materials.

Double Bowl Integrated Vanity Tops

If you want a bathroom vanity with his-and-hers sinks, that is completely doable with a double bowl integrated vanity top. These make maintaining a sleek and uniform appearance easy, as the sinks are fused and integrated with the vanity tops.  

Cut-Out Vanity Tops

When you want to customize your sink, or you already have a sink purchased, a cut-out bathroom vanity top is a better option. Because the sink still needs to be integrated, you are not required to use whatever the manufacturer defaulted to. Cut-out vanity tops are also typically easier to store and handle than those with an integrated sink. 

Single-Bowl Integrated Vanity Tops

If you choose a single-bowl integrated vanity top, your sink basin will typically sit in the middle of the vanity. The sink in a single-bowl integrated vanity top could be fused with the countertop or mounted into it. These are easy to install and convenient for those who want a quick and easy solution. 

Vessel Vanity Tops

When considering a trendy vessel sink that sits on top of the bathroom vanity instead of inside, you’ll want to choose a vessel vanity top. These have a small hole so that the drain for the basin can fit through. 

Double Basin Cut-Out Vanity Tops

His-and-hers sinks require a little more space, which makes double basin cut-out vanity tops a great choice. These can be customized to fit a variety of base cabinet configurations, making them great for custom bathrooms. 

Single Basin Cut-Out Vanity Tops

A single basin cut-out bathroom vanity top is designed with one opening so that you can install your own sink basin. You can choose from a broad range of options because you are not forced to go with one basin. 


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