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The Advantages Of A “Tub-Less” Bathroom

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Consider the advantages of a tub-less bathroom on your home.

One of the biggest must-have items in a bathroom used to be the tub. If there wasn’t a tub, many people felt the bathroom was incomplete. These days, however, many bathrooms have gone tub-less. While certain families, especially those with small children, might still view a tub as a must-have item, other families do not. They have embraced the tub-less bathroom lifestyle. When you take time to think about it, a tub-less bathroom makes a lot of sense. If you’re considering a bathroom remodeling project and you don’t have an immediate daily need for a tub, you should consider these three significant benefits of going tub-less.

Make Better Use of Your Space

When you decide to redesign a bathroom, it’s usually because something about it doesn’t work for you – often, it is a lack of space. The bottom line of tubs is that they have a large footprint and take up a lot of space. If you don’t use the tub, that’s all wasted space. Designing a bathroom without a tub means that that floor space can be used for something else you will use more. 

Enjoy a More Comfortable Shower

One of the ways many people opt to use that extra floor space is to upgrade their shower. Imagine the amazing shower you could have if you had all that space. Even if you don’t have a shower featuring many bells and whistles, having more space to stand in your standard shower is pretty luxurious. A shower the size of a tub-shower combo would also have enough room for integrated seating.

Plan for the Future

Integrated seating is one of the many changes you can make to your bathroom (and home) to facilitate aging in place. Aging-in-place is the phrase we use to describe a home design that includes features that are still easy to use and manage once you age past adulthood. Converting to a tub-less bathroom is a good move if you plan to age in place. With the free floor space you now have, you can install additional age-in-place features such as handrails to make this room accessible in the long-term.


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