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7 Pet-Friendly Kitchen Design Features

about kitchens and baths pet-friendly kitchen design features

Rugs are one of our favorite pet-friendly kitchen design features.

If you have a pet or two living in your household, you know how their needs can dictate how you style your home. If you are remodeling your kitchen, it may be worth factoring in your fluffy friends to ensure a more convenient and clutter-free living space once the remodel is complete. Fortunately, many pet-friendly kitchen design features are designed to integrate with your favorite kitchen elements seamlessly. Before planning your new kitchen with About Kitchens & More, consider whether these pet-friendly features suit your home. 

Built-In Dog Bed or Crate

You can create a beautiful, streamlined kitchen, only to disrupt this carefully arranged style with a large dog crate or bed in the corner. If you want a more stylish option for your dog or cat when they want to rest in the kitchen, you can create an accessible crate or nook for your pet that gives them plenty of space but doesn’t disrupt your overall style. 

Pull-Out or Hidden Food and Water Bowls

Food and water dishes for pets are essential kitchen accessories when you’re a pet owner. However, you may not want these bowls crowding your space and potentially being a tripping hazard. When designing your kitchen, you can create a pull-out shelf built to hold a water bowl and food bowl. You can choose what to place here, but it is a pet-friendly kitchen design feature that ensures seamless style and clean organization. 

Laminate Flooring

If you want to keep your kitchen looking new for longer, choose laminate flooring. This flooring material is easy to clean and won’t show scratches. Darker woods will show fur, so if your pet sheds, opt for a lighter wood style. This flooring can give you the attractive floors you desire without the anxiety that comes with pet damage. 

Rugs or Runners

If you have enough space in your kitchen, add a rug or runner in a spot where you won’t mind your pet curling up and relaxing. This can help keep your dog or cat within sight but not directly underfoot. Rugs are naturally pet-friendly kitchen design features because they also protect your floors and prevent smaller pets from slipping on floor surfaces. 

When selecting your rug, choose something that can be easily spot-cleaned, and remember that darker colors will show more pet fur than light colors. 

Pet-Friendly Surfaces and Finishes

You may love the look of a waterfall countertop or high-gloss cabinets, but consider how they will look with paw and nose prints left behind by your pets. If you don’t want to clean constantly, honed countertops or stained or painted cabinets are a better choice. These design features can still look great even when pets are around. 

Pull-Out Trash Bins

You can take one extra step to keep your pets safe from dangerous food and prevent unwanted mess by installing pull-out trash bins. These bins are concealed under your cabinets or counters, so your trash or recycling is only exposed when you open the drawer. 

Kitchen Hardware 

Pet-friendly kitchen design features include hardware, such as drawer knobs and pulls, that do not have sharp edges or corners. This ensures that pets won’t brush up against these sharp edges accidentally. 


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