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Empty Nest? It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel

about kitchens and baths empty nest kitchen remodel

Do you have an empty nest? It may be the ideal time for a kitchen remodel.

Living in an “empty nest” once your children leave home can be a significant adjustment. The dynamics of your daily life have shifted, and you may not be sure how to spend your newfound free time. One of the things you can do to embrace the empty nester lifestyle is finally getting around to that kitchen remodel you have wanted. Now that fewer people are in the home, your lifestyle has changed, and your kids are more independent, you can spend more time and resources updating your kitchen to suit your needs now and in the future. When you’re ready to create your new kitchen, About Kitchens & More will help you achieve your design dreams. 

Financial Feasibility 

A kitchen remodel is an investment, so waiting for an empty nest can help you ensure you have the funds for your remodel. With your kids out of the house and living independently elsewhere, you have reduced household expenses, fewer mouths to feed, schedules to coordinate, and extracurriculars to pay for. Now is the time to use that extra money for a long-lasting remodel that improves your comfort and increases your home’s resale value if you are to sell in the future. 

Improved Personalization 

For many homeowners who have raised children in their home, their kitchen has likely not changed much over the years. If this sounds like your situation, you may be ready to finally refresh your kitchen design instead of merely making essential updates. With an empty nest, you now have the time to select design elements that resonate with your taste and optimize your kitchen for a smaller household. You may even clear out some old or excess cutlery or appliances and hand them to your children to use in their new dorm or home. 

Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience 

A new kitchen remodel allows you to reinvent your living space according to your needs and desires. When you no longer have to consider the needs of kids in the household, you can focus on what the adults need. This can include long-term planning, considering what you or your spouse may need as time passes and your age. As you remodel, incorporate elements that improve accessibility and convenience. Make sure you have plenty of space to move around, pull-out shelves, not too much high-shelf storage, and easy-to-open cabinets and drawers. 

Design to Suit Your Lifestyle 

Do you enjoy a morning cup of coffee with your newspaper? Do you work remotely at your kitchen counter? Do you adore trying out new recipes? Consider how you like to spend time in your kitchen and create a design that fits your lifestyle. For example, add a breakfast nook ideal for morning reading and coffee. If you want to cook more, create a layout that facilitates easy movement between prep and cook zones in your kitchen. 

Focus On the Positive

Being an empty nester can be an emotional experience. As you adjust to this new chapter of your life, use these home projects to get excited about the future. By changing the living space around you, you can invest in your well-being and embrace this change with open arms. By creating a fresh environment, you can more easily embrace the fresh start of the empty nester lifestyle. 


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