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Granite Kitchen Countertops are Sure to Impress

Granite Kitchen Countertops About Kitchens and Baths

Granite kitchen countertops are a trendy countertop material for a reason

Granite kitchen countertops are a trendy countertop material for a reason. They rank high in durability, style, and low maintenance. If your kitchen countertops are outdated and need a serious upgrade, our team can remodel them to ensure that they’re appealing and functional. Kitchen countertops, like kitchen cabinets, impact the entire look and feel of a kitchen. For this reason, home remodeling should never be hasty. Here is why granite kitchen countertops are impressive. 

It’s Hard to Chip or Scratch Granite Kitchen Countertops 

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones. The durable surface of a granite countertop is hard to chip, scratch, or break. No material is indestructible. However, it takes much effort to damage granite, making it worth every penny. Even high-energy children are no match for granite countertops with rounded edges. 

Headache-Free Cleaning with Granite Kitchen Countertops 

It’s a top priority to keep bathrooms and kitchens clean. For that reason, it’s practical to choose a material that isn’t challenging to clean. Dish soap and a soft cloth are enough to keep this dirt-and-bacteria-resistant surface spotless. In addition, depending on the natural stone’s color, sealing the countertop is necessary every one to three years. 

Granite Countertops Offer a Custom Aesthetic 

Granite boasts unique patterns and veining. Therefore, no two slabs of this natural stone look alike. Whatever slab you choose will be unique to your kitchen. If you’re worried that your neighbors’ kitchen countertops will mimic yours, you can put this concern behind you. This material offers a personalized appeal that will embody your style preferences. 

Increased Home Value 

A polished granite kitchen countertop well adds “polish” to your home, therefore increasing its market value. Potential homebuyers love to see that a previous owner took the effort and money to craft a stunning home. It means that there will be less work for them! A prospective homeowner is more likely to buy a home that they can see themselves living in for years. It’s hard to do that when the kitchen isn’t well-designed. After all, the kitchen is a staple of and the heart and soul of a home. 

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