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Kitchen Cabinets Impact Your Kitchen’s Feel

Kitchen Cabinets: Tips from About Kitchens & Baths

White kitchen cabinets with gold hardware looks stunning!

Kitchen cabinets impact the entire feel of your kitchen. For this reason, kitchen cabinet installation is a part of your kitchen renovation that you shouldn’t overlook. We encourage you to look at our kitchen planning checklist. You’ll see how intricate remodeling a kitchen can be. All of these components must be harmonious, from your flooring to your backsplashes, hardware, cabinetry, and other aspects. 

When you choose kitchen cabinets that are too dark or light for this space, it can detract from your kitchen’s beauty. Whenever you’re ready to say “yes” to kitchen remodeling, our talented and thorough team can help you. Until you make that call or visit our showroom, here are some tips on picking out new kitchen cabinets. 

Go for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If it’s within your budget, we suggest going for custom kitchen cabinets. We can take a blueprint of your space and figure out how to maximize your storage, utilize your style preferences, and ensure that you own efficient kitchen cabinetry. We want to point out that when you remodel your home, going for generic options isn’t the best idea. You deserve a uniquely designed home. 

Own a Small Kitchen? Maximize the Storage Space in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your kitchen is on the large or smaller side, we always advise maximizing your storage. However, owning a small kitchen presents a unique challenge. If you do a lot of cooking or utilize many appliances, it can be hard to find storage space. Kitchen drawers are popular because they help owners organize utensils and food prep tools. 

Base cabinets coupled with wall cabinets give you many options when you combine them with pullout drawers. The point is that when you maximize your drawer and cabinet space, you won’t need to place as many items on top of your countertops unless you add complementary décor, of course. The more clutter, the more that it makes an already small space appear tinier. 

Create a Cohesive Color Story

Even if you choose simple colors such as beige in your kitchen, the color scheme should be cohesive. This cohesion not only applies to your countertops or backsplashes but your cabinetry as well. You might be surprised to read that “cohesive” doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to be monochromatic. For example, if you have white crisp kitchen cabinetry, you can pair it with gold hardware and light hardwood floors. These colors are neutral. However, this unique color palette creates visual interest uniquely. 

Keep the Finish in Mind as Well as Your Kitchen Style 

If you prefer a rustic kitchen style, it’s best not to go for glossy kitchen cabinetry. Reclaimed wood is a common element in rustic-style kitchens. The transitional kitchen style will suit you if you’re unsure if you want a warm or modern kitchen. It mixes manufactured and natural aesthetics. When you choose a kitchen style, our design experts will match your cabinets perfectly.  


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