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How You Can Benefit From a Wet Bar

Wet Bar Installation About Kitchens and Bath

installing a wet bar can be relatively inexpensive and incredibly rewarded.

Are you looking for a home feature that screams unique and adds a load of fun functionality? Consider putting a wet bar into your home. You can think of how it will eventually change your ability to entertain, allowing you to whip drinks up for your guests and make for an even more enjoyable space. Plus, you can always enjoy it by yourself, too. It may not be obvious, but installing a wet bar can be relatively inexpensive and incredibly rewarded. Let’s take a look at all the advantages you can benefit from, thanks to having your very own wet bar.

Why the Sink?

How a wet bar and a dry bar differs is simple: a wet bar has plumbing, running water, and a sink. You may think that you don’t need the “wet” part of a wet bar, and dry bars can certainly be fun too. Many come to this conclusion because it seems like too much of a pain to run the plumbing. However, picking an ideal location can make that easier. If you’re going for the full bar experience, you’ll be happy to have running water so you can clean off all of your cocktail glasses at the end of a great night, especially if you install a dishwasher. Wet bars make everything a bit easier.

Make Kitchen and Fridge Space

All the supplies for good drinks can end up taking a lot of room up in your refrigerator. Throwing a mini-fridge or two in your bar makes it easy to expand your collection and, as a result, increase the variety of drinks you can make. That keeps your primary fridge free. Likewise, the rest of your kitchen will have space too. You may not want everyone shuffling into your kitchen during a get together because that’s where you’re also preparing food, which can lead to a hectic situation. Instead, keep everyone having the night of their lives by the bar while you finish up the cooking in your spacious kitchen.

Additional Home Value

As with any investment, it’s crucial to think about how it impacts the price of your home. A wet bar is a home addition that you can be sure of undoubtedly. There are never any guarantees of significant gains or anything like that, but if you nail the design, you may have a great box to tick when it comes time to sell your home.


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