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Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office

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Learn how you can best create a functional home office.

Whether you spend the entire work week there or just a day or two per week, having a functional home office is important. It needs to be comfortable, but it also should promote productivity so you can get your work done effectively. And it needs to be designed specifically to fit these two goals while still fitting into the overall aesthetic of your home. Luckily, these goals can be achieved with a little foresight and some planning. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of a home office setup.

Consider Location

Location is very important as it can influence how productive, or how distracted, you’ll end up being during the workday. A lot of this is very personal and will come down to your unique situation. For those who need a lot of quiet during their workday, or are expected to attend a lot of meetings, having a location away from the main activity of the home is ideal. However, if you’re also helping take care of the kids during the day, a location closer to the kitchen may make more sense since you’ll have easier access to both work and the kids’ needs.

Give Yourself Plenty of Space

You may not have much of a say with your office space at work, but at home you have complete control of your area. So ensure that you’re giving yourself plenty of space to work comfortably! Want that corner office environment with windows to the outdoors? A home office can do this! Take all situations into account when considering your home office space needs. If you enjoy utilizing a standing desk, or if you’ve been thinking about it, you’ll want to account for this in your spacing needs.

Don’t Let Your Tech Take Over

By this, we mean that it shouldn’t feel like your technology is overwhelming your home office space. With the sheer number of tools that some professionals use, it’s easy for wiring to dominate a home office space. To avoid this, account for wiring as part of your design efforts. If it’s possible to go wireless, do it – using a wireless router, printer, keyboard, and mouse will greatly reduce the amount of wires you’ll need to use. For the ones that are absolutely necessary, look into hiding them either within walls, within fixtures, or through creative use of appliances or design. It’ll go a long way in helping make your home office a more comfortable place to work.


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