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Universal Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas About Kitchens and Baths

Adequate Lighting is a Staple in Universal Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

By “universal kitchen remodeling ideas,” we mean that you’re striving to have a kitchen that will accomodate and be accessible to all people regardless of their age or size. If you have people in your inner circle of various sizes or if you’re trying to age in place, this concept may serve you well. Also, if you like convenience, you’ll love these ideas. Kitchen remodeling is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal because every homeowner has their quirks. However, a few tips are fail-proof in making a kitchen a more efficient and usable space. Here they are!

Choose Your Surfaces and Materials Wisely

A surface or material can be aesthetically pleasing but low-maintenance. For example, granite is a material that can add elegance to a home. It’s durable as well. Marble adds ultimate regality to a home, but you have to consider your lifestyle choices. If you partake in a lot of food prep in your kitchen, marble may not be the best material because it takes a lot of upkeep to keep it pristine. Marble may be a better material for a powder room or an area with minimal activity and foot traffic. In short, choose materials that are easy to clean. 

Adequate Lighting is a Staple in Universal Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

A rule of thumb that stands the test of time is always to allow natural light to enter your kitchen. Most kitchens benefit from at least one large window. Task lighting is also super helpful in a kitchen, especially when we think about older adults. A home is safer when it’s well-lit. Lighting also helps highlight features that you love about your kitchen. Overhead lighting could go in the wine cabinet. Task lighting could go above the cooktop. 

Choose an Attractive, but Slip-Resistant Floor

Can you imagine fearing that you’ll fall every time you walk into your kitchen? No one should live like this. Go for comfortable, slip-resistant floors. Materials such as linoleum and cork ensure that anyone can walk through your kitchen with ease. 

Utilize Accessible Storage

Kitchen cabinets are so helpful because they help keep your countertops clutter-free. For example, cleaning products sitting atop the kitchen counter detract from your decor. Items like cleaning products, alcoholic beverages, and appliances should have a separate space. Pull out storage well in a universal kitchen because people won’t have to put a strain on their backs to reach for items. Open shelving works for this reason, and it will be easy to see where things are. 

Choose Contrasting Colors

When there are contrasting colors within a space, it helps visually impaired people navigate through a home. Try using a swath of contrasting colors around your kitchen’s perimeter. You can play with contrasting (yet complementary) materials as well. Plus, using only monochromatic colors may be playing it safe if you want a unique universal kitchen. 


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