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Upgrading Your Walk-in Bathtubs

Upgrading Your Walk-in Bathtubs
Walk-in bathtubs have a massive range of benefits for those looking to improve their mobility at home, especially when compared with walk-in showers.

Upgrading your bathroom is a great summer project for so many reasons! Along with improving your home’s value, ensuring outdated and old features are replaced before they break, and enhancing your comfort in your home, upgrading your bathroom can make your home more appropriate to your needs. If you’re hoping to age-in-place, one of the most helpful upgrades you can make is to add a walking bathtub. Walk-in tubs have a massive range of benefits for those looking to improve their mobility at home, especially when compared with walk-in showers

Why A Walk-in Tub? 

You might be thinking, isn’t a walk-in shower enough? Unless you’re short on space, opting for a walk-in tub as opposed to a shower can be a significant advantage. For those with disabilities or aging persons who wish to remain at home longer, a tub offers a wide range of therapeutic and ease-of-use benefits. If you suffer from issues like chronic pain and fatigue, being able to soak in a bath is a huge advantage that a shower can not offer. That said, walk-in tubs may not have the visual appeal of other options, but with some careful choices and the help of a qualified professional, your tub will look as fantastic as anything else. 

Consider Color 

Have you ever toured a home and entered the bathroom to gasp in surprise at a wildly, and usually unfortunately colored tub? From avocado green to mustard yellow and powder pink, bathtub colors can quickly turn your bathroom into a den of dated decisions. When choosing a tub, it’s best to avoid trendy colors and stick with neutral options. 

Choose A Surround 

While you might be less than enthused with the look of your walk-in tub, adding a surround can help it to look modern and elegant without losing functionality. Surrounds not only make the tub look more finished and ensure you won’t have problems with mold or mildew, but they also can be made with more luxurious materials or to look like other materials including natural stone. 


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