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Wet Bar Installation: What to Consider

Wet Bar Installation About Kitchens and Baths

If you’re debating if adding a wet bar to your home is worth it, here are some things that you should consider about wet bar installation

Today’s topic of discussion will be wet bar installation. More than ever, homeowners are thinking of how to make their homes more entertaining. However, upgrading your home shouldn’t be a hasty decision. It makes sense to think about what home improvement projects will add value to your home. If you’re debating if adding a wet bar to your home is worth it, here are some things that you should consider about wet bar installation. 

First, What IS a Wet Bar? 

A wet bar is a counter area used for serving alcoholic drinks. Wet bars got their name because they come equipped with a sink and running water. A dry bar differs from a wet bar because it doesn’t include a sink. If you’d prefer to entertain guests away from the kitchen or have another space designated for gatherings, a wet bar will be an excellent addition to your home. 

A wet bar installation also adds convenience. If you’d like to host a football party, movie night, or another event in your basement, you won’t have to worry about running upstairs and downstairs to get the things you need. A wet bar is also an excellent addition to a deck or patio if you want your home to feel like a resort. 

Is a Wet Bar Installation a Thing of the Past? 

Wet bars were trendy in the 70s and 80s. Nowadays, open floor layouts, particularly in kitchens, are popular. This type of layout is a fan favorite because it’s convenient to move around in an expansive space. However, wet bars still hold value, especially in “man caves,” entertainment rooms in basements, and upscale patio areas. When you have multiple places to entertain guests, it’s never a bad idea. The most significant factor is considering how much time you spend in your basement. It’s always best to put effort into the areas of the home that you frequent the most. 

If I Opt for Wet Bar Installation, What Features Should my Wet Bar Include?

How you customize a wet bar depends on your lifestyle and preferences. For example, the trendy idea is to include a microwave in the wet bar area. Drinks and snacks pair together quite nicely. A built-in microwave, in particular, makes a wet bar appear sleek, modern, and it saves space. 

A more necessary feature is a small refrigerator to keep drinks, mixers, and food cold. A freezer used for ice is also a practical consideration. The point, once again, is for you to not run up and down the steps in the middle of a movie night or intense football game. 


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