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4 Ways to Use Your New Kitchen Island

4 Ways to Use Your New Kitchen Island
When it’s time to update and remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of exciting and useful options or additions you might choose. One of the biggest is the kitchen island.

When it’s time to update and remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of exciting and useful options or additions you might choose. One of the biggest is the kitchen island. There are so many ways you can use a kitchen island to make your kitchen more functional. And while loving the way it looks is also important, those uses should be the fundamental characteristic that you consider in choosing your new kitchen island.

Extra Prep Area

Any island can give you additional prep space since the counter space that it adds can be used for most food prep activities. When you add a sink to the island, you transform it from merely more counter space to a new kitchen work station. Significant parts of the work that you need to do in the kitchen can be transferred to that area. For instance, you could reserve the island for only cutting meat so there is never any cross-contamination with other foods. Or you could designate the island as the dish cleaning zone (especially if you also install the dishwasher there).

Breakfast and Lunch Seating Area

Before deciding on an island, consider how often it will be used for table space, either to eat on or simply to sit at. If you have an open concept kitchen, your island does an important double-duty as a visual divider and a place for people to sit and talk to you while you cook. If you plan for your kids to work on homework at the island while you cook, make sure to include enough comfortable seating for them (and also some friends).

Showcase Your Style

Islands are also a great way to add your sense of style to your kitchen. If you have a favorite furniture style, bring some of that design into the island (like with ornately carved wooden legs). If you have a favorite color, the island could be a great place to add that color to your kitchen as a fun pop, without being too overdramatic.

Extra Cabinet Space

Finally, consider how the island could add to and improve your storage. There will not only be under-counter storage, but you could install storage overhead, such as an interesting pot rack. Find unique ways to incorporate storage solutions that will work for your life.


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