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Bathroom Tile: What Can You Do?

Bathroom Tile: What Can You Do?

With all of the sizes, patterns, and styles available, there is a lot that you can do with tile in your bathroom.

Tile goes with bathrooms like chocolate and peanut butter, Cheech and Chong, and many other iconic combinations – it’s an eternal and classic pairing. Part of this is the nature of tile. It is easy to maintain, super durable, and naturally moisture-resistant. It is also a simple enough bathroom remodeling project that many confident DIY’ers take it on themselves. With all of the sizes, patterns, and styles available, there is a lot that you can do with tile in your bathroom. 

Types of Bathroom Tile

There are many different types of bathroom tile available to you. Ceramic tile is one of the most common, since it is long lasting, easy to maintain, and it comes in many designs and patterns. Another super common bathroom tile is the subway tile, a long rectangular tile that is perfect for both floors and walls. Natural stone tile is another beautiful choice. This modern option comes in a variety of sizes and  natural patterns. Glass or mosaic tiles come in a range of beautiful colors that receive added depth because of the sheen and translucency of the glass. Finally, porcelain tile is a great choice for adding warmth to a room, but it is best used in areas other than the floor of a shower.

Places to Use Bathroom Tile

Most bathrooms can make use of tile on almost any surface. Tile is well suited for the floors, since it is durable and strong. Many tile varieties can be used in almost any part of a shower, including the shower walls and floor. Tile also works well on bathroom walls, especially behind the sink where water spray could damage other types of walls. Interesting tile patterns also work well on other walls.

Cute Ideas For Bathroom Tile

Many people forget how many options are available to them. Even using something common like subway tile can be spruced up by employing a pattern like herringbone. Many people also assume that oversized tiles are just for the floor, but they actually look amazing on walls. Finally, use a cool patterned tile on a single small wall as an accent wall and keep everything else fairly neutral.


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