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The Benefits of Kitchen Islands with Dining Spaces

about kitchens and baths kitchen islands with dining spaces

Learn more about the benefits of kitchen islands with dining spaces.

When you remodel your kitchen, you often don’t have much flexibility regarding the placement of your appliances. The stove, fridge, sink, and cabinet placements are pretty much determined unless you plan on gutting the space and starting fresh. However, there is one place where you have some design freedom during your remodel. One hot new design feature to consider adding to your home with About Kitchens and Baths is a kitchen island with a dining space built-in. These versions of kitchen islands have some typical counter space and extend outward to include space for a few people to pull up and eat at the table. Are these kitchen islands worth installing? They offer a few appealing benefits. 

Create a Dedicated Eating Space

As kitchen islands appear in more and more homes, it helps to create distinct zones around your kitchen island. You already have your prepping and cooking areas. Adding seats to the end of your kitchen island creates a designated eating area that allows you to sit and enjoy meals here instead of standing over your island and grabbing a bite as you go.

Makes Serving Easy 

When you have a dining space attached to your island, you make casual dinners even easier. You can efficiently serve your family from the stove or oven just a few steps away from the table. You also have more counter space at one end of the island where you can place larger food platters or drink pitchers, so more food is within reach during dinnertime. 

Creates an In-Home Chef’s Table Experience

Kitchen islands with dining spaces allow you to serve your guests comfortably as you cook each piece of food. You can chat more easily with each other instead of keeping guests and their host apart in separate rooms. This also creates a “chef’s table” experience, where the food is served to guests hot and ready straight from the chef’s tools.

Comfortable Conversation While Dinner Cooks

Many years ago, kitchens were not suitable for dining in because of the heat and mess created when preparing each meal. However, the introduction of more efficient appliances has made “eat-in kitchens” more viable. Now, families can chat and socialize with each other while preparing food. The kitchen islands with dining spaces extend this tradition by bringing the conversation to the meal prep stations. When people come together at the kitchen island, they can more easily socialize while cooking or enjoying their finished meal. 


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