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Contemporary Bathrooms: A Few Must-Have Features

Contemporary Bathroom Features About Kitchens and Baths

Contemporary Bathrooms Aren’t Excessively Ornate

Today we will discuss a few characteristics of contemporary bathrooms. Have you decided to remodel your bathroom finally? Congratulations! One of the following steps you have to take is figuring out which bathroom style suits your fancy. Some homeowners love the idea of a spa-like bathroom transformation, while others may prefer a more classic or traditional style. Regardless of what your tastes are, we have options that will benefit you. Let’s learn about some must-have features of contemporary bathrooms. 

Unbroken, Horizontal Lines

In short, a contemporary bathroom should have clean, straight lines. Contemporary bathrooms are typically simplistic without a lot of curves or undulating lines. The cabinetry is usually minimalistic as well.

Contemporary Bathrooms Aren’t Excessively Ornate.

It’s not uncommon to find wood or concrete in this type of bathroom style. Ornate mouldings aren’t a characteristic of this bathroom type. The vanities and cabinet doors should be smooth and not distressed, beveled, or edged. The tiles are crisp, and the grout blends in with the walls versus being contrasting. Quartz is an excellent option for this type of bathroom because quartz is an engineered stone with a uniformed look versus the unique veining that natural stone offers. 

A Clutter-Free Design

Think “stripped down” when you imagine this bathroom style. In contemporary bathrooms, you won’t see lotions, brushes, and appliances sitting anywhere. These items will be organized and have a separate, functional space. 

Visual Interest Via Contrast

Once again, this bathroom type won’t be overly ornate. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be visually exciting or boring. Visual interest in a contemporary bathroom usually attributes itself to some contrast. Consider a black and white color contrast or any neutral hues on the opposite end of the color spectrum.

Contemporary Bathrooms Should Have An Open Layout

If you have a smaller bathroom, this style will suit you. Contemporary bathrooms play around with the illusion of space. Think floating vanities and wide flooring. Not only won’t you find clutter lying around in an area such as this, but space itself also won’t feel cramped or restrictive. 

Sleek Elements

In a contemporary bathroom, there should be clean lines. There should also be sleek lines. Polished chrome can help any bathroom appear streamlined. The material is also easier to clean, making a lot of sense in an area where there can be much moisture buildup. 


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