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Flooring to Include in Your Remodeled Bathroom

Flooring to Include in Your Remodeled Bathroom
In fact, when it comes to a new bathroom, there are certain things every homeowner will need to consider.

Finding the perfect flooring throughout your home can be a challenge. Certain materials work better in some rooms compared to others. In fact, when it comes to a new bathroom, there are certain things every homeowner will need to consider. The reality is, bathrooms are most spaces that require flooring that can handle the elements — specifically water! Here are some flooring options that are guaranteed to make your brand-new bathroom a place everyone in your home can enjoy.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

For the most part, porcelain tile is highly prized as the go-to flooring material in bathrooms. In fact, porcelain tile is not only waterproof but also incredibly stylish, cost effective, and fairly inexpensive compared to other flooring materials out there. While porcelain and ceramic tile are similar in nature — there are some clear differences between them. Ultimately, the difference lies in the water absorption rate which is crucial when it comes to a bathroom floor. As a result, with so many different options of tiles, homeowners have a wide array of styles to choose from providing a unique opportunity to create a bathroom that showcases their unique personality easily and effectively.

Vinyl Flooring

Another option for homeowners when it comes to flooring is vinyl. In fact, very stylish and practical, vinyl flooring comes in three different types. Sheet, plank and tile are the vinyl flooring options available to homeowners looking to update their bathroom and create a space that allows them to easily relax and unwind. Typically, sheet vinyl flooring is the go-to option for those looking to expect a lot of water in the space. This is often the best choice for a children’s bathroom or laundry room. An increasingly popular option is luxury vinyl plank flooring which is traditionally the favored flooring option in a master bathroom


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