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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom Shower?

Bathroom Shower Replacement About Kitchens and BathsToday we will share signs that it’s time to replace your bathroom shower. Some homeowners feel inclined to upgrade their bathrooms for aesthetic purposes. Sometimes they want to keep up with the latest remodeling trends or ensure that their home holds a lot of resale value. However, there are times when home improvement should be a need versus a want. Today we’re going to go over four signs that bathroom shower replacement should happen sooner than later and not for style purposes. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Shower If Fixtures Aren’t Working Optimally

It all depends on your budget, but sometimes an entire bathroom redesign isn’t feasible. Still, small steps such as adding a new shower head or faucet make all the difference if you want to improve your shower’s functionality. Do you see leaks coming from your fixtures when you’re not using the shower? Is your showerhead not supplying the desired water pressure? If so, you should look into an upgrade. 

If There’s Mold

If you notice black or dark green spots on your shower head, your first step should, of course, be to clean the showerhead. However, depending on the circumstances, mold may return. If this is the case, a redesigned shower can offer better ventilation. 

Cracked or Chipped Shower Tiles

Chipped or cracked tiles in your bathroom shower are undeniably unsightly. However, they also create a hazard. Chipped or cracked tiles are dangerous because you never want to cut your hands or foot on any exposed or broken tiles. If it’s been challenging to replace or repair these tiles in an aesthetically pleasing way, calling us to replace your bathroom shower is a convenient, stress-free option. 

If Your Shower Doors Aren’t Closing

Shower doors serve the purpose of keeping water inside your shower area. The last thing that any homeowner wants is water flooding the bathroom floor. If your shower doors aren’t closing or if they leak, it’s undoubtedly time for an upgrade. 

The bottom line is that upgrading your bathroom shower has multiple benefits. A project such as this keeps you safe, keeps your bathroom sanitary, and keeps your bathroom from aging prematurely or looking outdated. If you’re interested in bathroom remodeling, we have options available to ensure your satisfaction, exceed your expectations, and meet your unique needs. 


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