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Open Shelving vs. Kitchen Cabinets

about kitchens and more open shelving vs kitchen cabinets

Consider whether open shelving or kitchen cabinets – or both! – work best for your home.

When designing your kitchen, you must ask yourself: do you want open shelving or kitchen cabinets? Both of these design options offer various benefits and potential drawbacks. Before you begin your renovation with About Kitchens & More, consider the following factors and whether open shelving or cabinets are suitable for your kitchen and family lifestyle. 

Open Shelving Is On Trend

Minimalism in design has been on trend lately, so incorporating some open shelving can instantly make your kitchen feel modern and forward-looking. If done right, open shelves can be a beautiful yet understated focal point of a room. 

Open Shelves Improve Kitchen Functionality 

When everything is within reach, life is easier. You can grab items as you go and focus on cooking a fantastic meal. If you store your most-used items on accessible open shelving, you eliminate the need to open up cupboards and search for items. Keeping items you need at your fingertips optimizes your kitchen workflow. 

Showcase Your Design and Items with Open Shelving

If you want to leave a beautiful wall design or color exposed, open shelves help you show off the most of that design. Open shelves and more wall space also give you more opportunities to decorate. You can display your favorite family vase or show off your matching cocktail glasses or wooden cutting boards. You can add and remove items as seasons change, so your shelves provide storage and style. 

Kitchen Cabinets Offer Many Design Choices

Kitchen cabinets are available in numerous designs, from traditional to modern and everything in between. You can personalize each door with unique handles, knobs, and more to create your specific kitchen design. 

Cabinets Increase Storage Space

You need space in your kitchen to store dishes, food, linens, cookbooks, utensils, baking items, cleaning products, and more! Your cabinets offer much more storage and hide away some more cluttered-looking items. 

Cabinets Are Easy to Clean 

Kitchen cabinet doors protect the items inside from contaminants and dust, which means you only need to worry about occasionally cleaning the cabinet doors. 

Combine Shelves and Cabinets

The best solution may be a combination of open shelving and kitchen cabinets. Your About Kitchens & More designer will help you determine how many cabinets may be needed so you can decide where to place open shelving to display a few select items. 


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