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3 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

3 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom
Remodeling your bathroom is always a great idea. After all, you can take your bathroom from functional to fabulous.

Remodeling your bathroom is always a great idea. After all, you can take your bathroom from functional to fabulous. If you want to have the full spa experience without all of the expense, then it’s time to treat yourself! Here are some ideas for you to think about including during the planning phase

Upgrade the Bathtub 

The bathtub ties the bathroom together. It doesn’t matter if the shower and tub are presented as a pair or are separate elements. Focus your efforts and budget on taking the bathtub to the next level. Just imagine how you would enjoy a spa tub or jacuzzi tub, or a walk-in tub if you need one! The floor space will help guide you on whether your tub should be a soaker model. You can also make it large enough to fit two people and add some jets to it, too

Rethink the Shower 

Along those same lines, it’s time to redo the shower. Think about how much floor space is available. Do you want a framed door or a frameless door? Asking this question only makes sense if you have a shower stall. What showerhead do you want? Do you prefer one model over another

Replace the Flooring

The flooring in the bathroom is also important. You can cover the floor with cushy mats all you want, but the look and feel of the floors will contribute to a better overall atmosphere inside the bathroom, since it is one of the most important rooms in your home. Tiles have many different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Stone and slate provide these textures, which can make for a sophisticated touch. It’s also easier to move around and avoid tripping even when the floor is wet. That’s always a risk you have to be aware of, so why not make your bathroom as safe as possible?  



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