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Find The Best Bathroom Features For Your Lifestyle

about kitchens and baths bathroom features

Bathroom features for luxury baths include large showers and unique tiles.

Whether you are looking to design a luxurious bathroom, one suitable for your elderly relatives, or one designed to accommodate you and your spouse, you can find the best bathroom features to create the ultimate design. When your bathroom designer at About Kitchens & More helps you find the best décor and fixtures, you can create a room that gives you every convenience you desire. If you are ready to create one of the following four bathroom designs, read on to learn which features you need to complete your dream bathroom.

The Luxurious Bathroom Essentials 

These bathroom features will help you create an at-home spa

  • Smart Technology: Voice-activated technology can provide ultimate convenience. 
  • Enjoy a Sauna: You can install a small sauna in your bathroom to create a space designed to help you detox and relax. 
  • Upgrade the Tile: Consider upgrading from ceramic tiles to marble to create a sophisticated, luxe vibe. 
  • Install a Large Shower: Give yourself plenty of shower space with glass doors and high-end tile. 
  • Select the Best Mirrors: Choose something sleek and unique with decorative frames and unique shapes. 

Design a Bathroom for Couples 

There are many unique bathroom features you will want to install if you want to create a bathroom that two people can use at once. 

  • Convert the Bathtub to a Hot Tub: A roomy jetted tub for two can help you spend time together as a couple. Add massaging jets, whirlpool action, and LED lighting.
  • Install Two Sinks: A couple’s bathroom needs two sinks, with a large vanity with plenty of counter space. 
  • Install a Large Mirror: A large, full-size mirror will help both people have full visibility. 
  • Keep Items Separate: Make sure you have plenty of cabinets and shelves to store each person’s razors, cosmetics, and toiletries. 

Create a Family-Friendly Bathroom 

If you have young children and want to create a bathroom that accommodates their needs, install the following features.

  • Consider the Tub: Most tubs are not designed for toddlers, so consider including a small bathtub for children in addition to your adult-size bathtub. 
  • Install Plenty of Shelving: Wall-mounted shelving will help your kids have a place to store their many shampoos, soaps, and bathtime toys. 
  • Install Good Lighting: Install bright LED lighting in the kids’ bathroom so they can see everything. A motion-activated night light will help your child see in the dark if they need to use the bathroom at night. 

Bathroom Safety for Seniors 

To help seniors move about the bathroom safely, install the following accessible features: 

  • An Accessible Toilet: These toilets are higher above the ground and may have a grab bar along the wall. 
  • Install a Tub or Shower Chair: These accessibility features reduce slips and falls to ensure safe bathing. 
  • Keep It Simple: Don’t overcrowd your bathroom. Keep it simple, so it’s easy to navigate. Install sturdy wall hooks and towel hangers. 
  • Install a Walk-In Tub: You don’t have to “climb over” the tub edge, which reduces the risk of falling. 


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