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Comparing Kitchen Countertop Materials

Anyone looking to remodel their kitchen has a lot to think about. One of the many decisions you’ll be making has to do with your kitchen counter. 

Anyone looking to remodel their kitchen has a lot to think about. One of the many decisions you’ll be making has to do with your kitchen counter. There are so many options when it comes to countertop materials that it can feel a little overwhelming.

The Appearance

The biggest decision to make boils down to aesthetics. What does each countertop material look like? Corian is seamless, while granite has the most natural beauty. Minerals naturally sink into granite, meaning that every slab looks different. Even if you had a granite countertop before, it probably won’t look the same as the new one you get installed.

The Maintenance

Once your kitchen is taken to the next level, you’ll probably want to spend more time inside it. However, that means a lot more wear and tear on your countertops. Durability and maintenance make more of a difference than you might think, since cooking and baking can take their toll on the kitchen. Quartz is the most impervious to damage and it doesn’t need sealing or complicated cleaning measures. Quartz and Corian are both sanitary, which, with COVID-19 so widespread, definitely score some points in their favor. Granite is durable but can crack, stain, and develop fissures. Although sealing granite is simple, it will need these treatments quite often.

The Budget

Upgrading your kitchen takes a lot of time and money. That’s why one of the biggest factors in the project is what your budget looks like. Per square foot, quartz is usually the most expensive. Corian can be just as expensive as granite, or even more so. Out of the three, granite is the least expensive, and that might be the easiest option for most homeowners to choose. The only exception to the price rule is that standard solid-color Corian can be as affordable as granite. It all comes down to what you want and what you can afford.


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