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3 Great Bathroom Remodel Ideas

3 Great Bathroom Remodel Ideas
Your bathroom should be a place you enjoy being in, so let’s give it some upgrades.

Making your bathrooms more functional can be an exciting project to undertake as summer begins. If you’re stuck and need some inspiration, don’t be too hard on yourself. Here are some of the coolest ideas you might not have thought of yet, no matter how much research you do. Your bathroom should be a place you enjoy being in, so let’s give it some upgrades. 

New LED Lights

The lighting in your bathroom is extremely important. You can’t get clean or relax if you can’t see what you’re doing. Instead of amplifying the natural light in the room, try thinking of energy-efficient solutions. Installing brand new LED lights can make more of a difference than you realize. Give the water in the tub a shot of color. Make cool reflections on the wall. By saving money and energy, you can get the most of the other upgrades listed here. 

More Metal 

Metal is another great idea for your bathroom. In this case, it comes down to making the surfaces in your redesigned bathroom shinier and more reflective. Not only will these changes catch the eye of anyone who walks into your bathroom, but they can also bounce more light around the room and expand the available space that you already have. Metallic paint instead of metal tiles can be a better option if you’re searching for something less labor-intensive.


You can’t forget about the floors, either. Although hardwood floors aren’t always the best fit for the bathroom, you don’t need to rely on them for your new design. Experiment with geometry, mandalas, mosaics, and even classic pieces of art. Anything you can imagine in an adult coloring book can be brought to life on your new bathroom floors.

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