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4 Things You Need in Your Remodeled Bathroom

4 Things You Need in Your Remodeled Bathroom
Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic investment.

Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic investment. For one thing, you can turn a tiny bathroom into a grand suite worthy of any spa. Impress all your guests while moving away from tacky trends that are no longer stylish. Here are some of the elements you need to include in your renovated bathroom!

A New Bathtub

Relaxing in the bathtub after a long day can be a soothing experience. Even if you aren’t keen on a bubble bath, the hot water paired with some quiet music can help you unwind. A clawfoot tub is one way to make a statement about your taste in design choices. At the same time, you could also choose a soaking tub that is much deeper than a traditional tub is. Put it under the window for maximum effect. You can also widen the tub so it can fit more than one person. Lastly, top off the spa-like atmosphere with a jetted tub. 

A New Shower

Maybe you have a shower stall separate from your tub. In that case, you deserve to have a new showerhead put in to make it easier to clean up after another day working outside. If you do decide to follow up on this upgrade, then you’ve got several choices to make. For instance, think about the floor space available in your bathroom. You’ll also need to decide if the door should be frameless or not. Then you must choose a new showerhead. Some popular choices include wall-mounted, rainfall, steam, and dual showerhead setups. 

Elegant Flooring

Don’t forget about the floors! Ceramic tile can be traditional and contemporary all at once. You’ve just got to choose the right colors, shapes, and sizes. Open up the space by using the same tile inside the shower. Stone and slate are also excellent flooring choices, since they can help prevent injuries caused by slipping and falling on wet floors. 




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